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Product use: 1. IP network broadcast, intercom system control software, is the core component of the system, is a comprehensive management platform for broadcast system data exchange, system operation and function operation, integrates timing tasks, fire alarm, file broadcast, external procurement Software modules such as broadcast, terminal feed, intercom recording, monitoring linkage, wireless remote control, etc. 2. It can run on ordinary computer and DINGZUN DZ-IP01 IP network broadcast industrial computer. Product features: 1. Standard TCP / IP network protocol, software package with server software (including timed tasks, fire alarm, wireless remote control, external acquisition, ring disconnection, ring feed, terminal feed, telephone broadcast, can be used any number of times Multiple parts such as separate control software); the system can be used in the local area network of the same network segment, the intra-gateway LAN and the Internet. That is, the related equipment and software are configured at the headquarters, and functions such as remote broadcast notification to each branch through the Internet can support multi-level servers (suitable for large-scale WAN projects). 2. Responsible for audio stream on-demand services, scheduled task processing, workstation sub-control software management, and rights management functions. Provides timing broadcast and real-time on-demand services for all digital IP network broadcast audio terminals, responds to playback requests from various terminals and remote paging terminals, and is a workstation ..

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