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  • ] Shaanxi Tiancheng New Type Insulation Material Co., Ltd. Year 0 [ not verified ]

    Sales of thermal insulation materials, chemical materials (except dangerous and easy to produce poisons, monitoring chemicals), galvanized sheet, plumbing, pipe fittings, valves, building materials, steel; construction glass curtain wall engineering, plumbing engineering, heating engineering, thermal insulation engineering; environmental protection R & D, production and sales of materials.

    Location: Shaanxi Type: Individual Merchant

  • ] Commercial Snack Equipment Co., Ltd. Year 0 [ Unverified ]

    Barbecue machine, roasted sweet potato machine, popcorn machine, sausage machine and other snack making equipment

    Location: Shaanxi Type: Dealer

  • ] Zhongqin Commercial Bank (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. Year 0 [ not verified ]

    To operate gasoline, gold, silver, and rare metals, Zhongqin Commercial Bank (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. is a company that integrates the functions and functions of banks, securities, futures, funds, trusts, clearing organizations, and cross-border trade in spot transactions. All aspects of financial instruments combined with the development of the real economy, with services such as risk management, credit entrustment, margin financing and securities lending, clearing and settlement, leverage principles, and spot derivatives.

    Location: Shaanxi Type: Individual Merchant


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