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  • ] Shanxi Fen Mining Xingyuan Pump Industry Co., Ltd. Year 0 [ not verified ]

    Pump, vacuum equipment manufacturing, R & D, sales, repair; repair: general equipment and accessories, electromechanical equipment and accessories, electrical equipment

    Location: Shanxi Type: Manufacturer

  • ] Qixian Xinze State-owned Assets Management Co., Ltd. Year 0 [ not verified ]

    Operating state-owned assets of county-owned enterprises and non-operating assets of administrative institutions into state-owned assets of operating assets (public infrastructure development and construction). Municipal infrastructure construction, landscaping projects; conference and exhibition services; corporate management consulting; property services; land development; construction engineering construction; standardized plant and house leasing; interior and exterior decoration; science and technology information services; advertising design, production and release. Real estate development, business information consulting. Wholesale and retail: environmental protection facilities, building materials, computer software and hardware, construction materials, agricultural and sideline products, rubber and rubber products, wood and wood products, carbon materials and products, glass products, three-dimensional garages and supporting equipment, automation equipment, pipes and pipes Valves, refractory materials, alumina, environmental protection equipment, labor protection supplies, fire protection supplies, instruments and meters, water pumps and accessories, metals (excluding precious metals) and metal products, non-metallic minerals, chemical products (excluding hazardous chemicals and easy manufacturing Toxic chemicals), machinery and equipment, electronic products; food business: pre-packaged food retail; technology import and export; import and export of goods. (Projects that are subject to approval according to law can only be operated after approval by relevant departments)

    Location: Shanxi Type: Dealer

  • ] Shanxi Shengda Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd. Year 0 [ not verified ]

    Datong Container Portfolio Address

    Location: Shanxi Type: Dealer

  • ] Jinzhong Keling Gas Purification Technology Service Co., Ltd. Year 0 [ Unverified ]

    Shandong biogas desulfurizer sales-Shandong room temperature iron oxide desulfurizer-Jinzhong Keling Gas Purification Technology Service Co., Ltd.

    Location: Shanxi Type: Dealer

  • ] Qixian Shenyu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Year 0 [ not verified ]

    Sales of new 360-degree rotary downhole imager / Shenyu underground TV price / Qixian Shenyu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

    Location: Shanxi Type: Dealer

  • ] Jinzhong Dana Hydraulic Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. Year 0 [ not verified ]

    Electronic pressure relay, electronic temperature relay, pressure controller, temperature controller, liquid level controller, flow controller, pressure sensor, pressure switch, temperature sensor, temperature switch, flow sensor, flow indicator, flow switch and proportional amplifier, etc. Wait. Hydraulic and pneumatic components, hydraulic accessories, electronics, instruments, machinery parts, hardware and electricity, metal materials, hydraulic electrical automation equipment

    Location: Shanxi Type: Manufacturer

  • ] Ali purchase rebate network year 0 [ not verified ]

    Ali Go buyback profit network

    Location: Shanxi Type: Dealer

  • ] Shanxi Weiqi Chuangxing Clothing And Accessories Co., Ltd. Year 0 [ not verified ]

    Work clothes, hotel clothes, suits, business clothes, t-shirts, security clothes, medical clothes

    Location: Shanxi Type: Manufacturer

  • ] Shanxi Province Pingyao Baojuyuan Meat Products Co., Ltd. Year 0 [ not verified ]

    Braised cooked meat products, braised meat products, Pingyao beef, old soup donkey meat, pork trotters with spicy sauce, spiced beef tripe, flavored roast chicken, called chicken, etc.

    Location: Shanxi Type: Manufacturer

  • ] Jinzhong Yuci District Xinchuang Hydraulic Machinery Factory Year 0 [ not verified ]

    Waste paper packing machine, waste paper box packing machine, waste packing machine, waste packing machine

    Location: Shanxi Type: Manufacturer

  • ] Shigang Yangmei Co., Ltd. Year 0 [ Unverified ]

    Location: Shanxi Type: Dealer

  • ] Shanxi Cement Plant Year 0 [ Not Verified ]


    Location: Shanxi Type: Individual business

  • ] xiaopan890890@163.com Year 0 [ not verified ]

    The company's main business: Sunshine Online Agent, Sunshine Online Fake Net, Sunshine Online Private Net, Sunshine Online Black Net, Shenbo Zhengnet, Shenbo Private Net, Shenbo Fake Net, Shenbo Black Net. Phone 187-8985-2990

    Location: Shanxi Type: Manufacturer

  • ] Baijia Furniture Co., Ltd. Year 0 [ Unverified ]

    Custom made and made of solid wood furniture.

    Location: Shanxi Type: Agent

  • ] Year 0 of Zhongzhong Chemical Industry Company of Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province [ not verified ]

    Pharmaceutical intermediate

    Location: Shanxi Type: Manufacturer


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