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    China Dendrobium e-Mall was approved by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Commerce, following the steps of the national inclusive policy, sharing economy, supply-side reform, and asset securitization policies with a commodity category as the investment target and a new retail system combining "e-commerce + finance + entity" To allow consumers to be the identity of the operator while shopping, proactively spread and share, greatly impact the traditional retail distribution costs, better help the physical industry destocking, de-capacity business philosophy, and ensure sustainable operations. As China's innovative "C2B + ITM" new retail e-commerce platform, China Dendrobium Electronic Mall is committed to establishing a fair, fair, open and efficient market trading environment, and provides property rights transactions, consumption, information, quality inspection, warehousing, and transportation , Insurance, settlement and other third-party intermediary services. Our aim: to make e-commerce of property rights transactions, make assets and securities universal, and make traditional industries international

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